One Full Birthday

Rerun’s party isn’t for another week and a half, so we made yesterday as much fun and party-like as possible.

It started with freshly-made scones for breakfast, by request – complete with a candle on top.

Rerun's birthday breakfast

Then he went to school, where he was honored with a birthday crown, the class sang to him, and he read a book to the class.  (No treats allowed due to allergies, so we donated a book to the class library, which he read aloud.)

I picked him up, and even though it was his birthday, it was also a Tuesday.  So we picked up Tad and went to ABA.  Once ABA was over, we drove straight to Pump It Up for their sensory friendly jump evening, where Rerun met one of his school friends for a really fun birthday playtime.

Playing at Pump it Up!

And we still hadn’t had dinner yet, so we went for a late birthday dinner at Red Robin.

Cheese pizza and fries!

After Rerun was done eating dinner, we ordered dessert and gave Rerun a few presents to open today, from us.

Birthday book!

In the middle of present opening, dessert arrived!  Since Rerun is not the biggest fan of ice cream, we ordered the Towering Doh! Ring.  Imagine doughnuts stacked like onion rings.  And the staff sang to him.

Singing and donuts

Then he finished opening presents…

Birthday LEGOs!

Birthday movie!

… and then he ate a warm, freshly fried doughnut.

Nom nom nom

I’d say the birthday boy had a pretty awesome day!

One happy six year old

And now he can’t wait for his party!

One Response to “One Full Birthday”

  1. Linda Lansberry
    March 9th, 2016 06:41

    Definitely, Rerun is an awesome young master!
    Love him in his crisp white gi! Master Yoda, beware!