Cashing in the Pig

Sometimes, I really really really hate LEGO.  They are the masters at separating me from my money.

And then there’s the moment where I go, “I am not buying that, EVER.”

That was the first thing I thought when I saw the new LEGO Angry Birds sets.  Angry Birds are getting their own movie, and I was horrified to discover, while shopping with Ane one day, that there are LEGO sets.

I am afraid I said a bad word, which startled my daughter.

But I knew as soon as the boys learned about these sets, I was screwed.

Now, Tad is in a pickle.  He loves Angry Birds, but a different LEGO set already has a claim on his money.  He wants the new 1966 Batman set more than anything else, and he will have to save all of his money, plus ask for LEGO gift cards for his birthday, and then he might have enough.  He’s also being sold for science this summer – we were asked to be part of another autism study at the university, and it has a small cash compensation – so he will get to put some of that aside as well.

Rerun, however, has no such prior claims, and adores Angry Birds.  He always has.  So he begged me to let him count his money from Super Pig (his piggy bank, which is blue and has a Superman cape) so he could go buy a set.

I honestly didn’t know how much he had in there, but knew it was probably enough for a small set.  So we opened up Super Pig and, as Rerun instructed, counted “the paper money, not the coins.”

I just about fell over in shock when I counted up all the bills and realized that Super Pig had been holding $71 in cold hard cash.  And probably another $8-10 in change.  I should be taking out loans from Super Pig!

Anyway, Rerun had more than enough to buy the bigger set that he really really really wanted – the Piggy Pirate Ship.  Which he did last night.

Rerun's new set

The guy at the counter was so nice, and got a kick out of the sandwich bag that held a roll of bills.  Rerun was too excited to count, but I made him help me count it up, and hand it to the guy.  He handed Rerun his bag, and he was just the happiest kid in the world at that moment.

Let's go home and build!

He was also quite anxious to get home and start building.  We finally compromised on opening up the box and building one bag (there are 6 in the box).  I promised him that we will continue working on it today – as soon as he finishes his homework sheet of the day.

Curse you, LEGO.

One Response to “Cashing in the Pig”

  1. Linda Lansberry
    April 28th, 2016 07:09

    Hopefully, the AngryBird/Pig noises were not included!
    Now, I can stop laughing and get on with todays tasks!