New Green Scooter

One of the kids’ most favorite things to do is run outside with their scooters after dinner.  The older three often corral the rest of the neighbor kids (or as many as they can get outside) to ride bikes or scooters.  Rerun definitely prefers his scooter, but is competent enough on his bike (with training wheels).  And the advantage of the scooter is that it’s quick, lightweight, and easy to grab.

And then Rerun’s scooter lost its front wheel.

He had been riding on it, had stopped to take a break, and then Ane and the other kids noticed that the front wheel had come off.  The wheel axle was a couple of interlocking screws, and one of the screws was now out and missing.  There was a long search all through the cul-de-sac, but no luck.  The Webmaster looked up getting a new screw – no luck.  (The scooter existed in the major brand’s website, but no replacement parts were available.)

So, we decided that a new scooter was the way to go.  We decided to get the same brand that the older two have (which will grow with him), and because Ane’s is purple and Tad’s is red, we had to pick a different color.

Rerun is now the owner of a green trimmed Razor scooter.

New scooter

Thanks to the wonders of Amazon Prime, it arrived less than 24 hours after being ordered, and Rerun could not wait to – and I quote – “see what this baby can do.”

He has taken it out for a spin every day after dinner, and he’s pleased to report that it “works great” and he likes it.

I am all for things that get the kids outside to burn energy.

One Response to “New Green Scooter”

  1. linda
    May 12th, 2016 07:17

    Goooo, Rerun! Looks like this will be a very busy and happy boy and scooter Team!