Rerun’s Last Day of Kindergarten!

I don’t think he actually believed that this day would come, but it did!

Last day of kindergarten!

Yesterday was Rerun’s last day of kindergarten!  I took Thumper to the end-of-the-school-year party (it was in the middle of naptime, so he actually fell asleep during the party) to watch Mrs. M work her “magic wand” and turn each kindergartener into a first grader!

Rerun and Mrs. M

The hardest part for Rerun was saying goodbye to Mrs. G and Mrs. L.  Mrs. G is the para who has been working with him the most this year…

Rerun and Mrs. G

and Mrs. L has been his teacher for the last two years – first in preschool, then in kindergarten.  She is very fond of him, and vice versa.

Rerun and Mrs. L

As we walked to the car (after saying goodbye to his bus driver, who also really liked him), Rerun said, “I’m all finished with kindergarten… do I start first grade tomorrow?”  Which was reassuring, because despite his complaining, I know he really did like school, and the adults who were in charge of him this year.

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