Christmas Family Party!

It was the first Christmas party of the season, and it was white elephant bingo night at Uncle Buddy’s house.  Certain kids (*coughcough*RERUN*coughcough*) are still working on not winning every single round.

But when present opening time happened, people were pretty happy!  Especially Tad, who got another Batman book that he’s been wanting.  And Little Cousin was happy, because she could read over his shoulder.

Tad and Little Cousin

The two of them are so cute together.

Also cute together – Rerun and Auntie.

Rerun and Auntie

And Rerun and Obachan.

Obachan and Rerun

And Gichan looked quite stylish in Grandma’s scarf, along with Ane in her Santa hat.

Ane and Gichan

Tad has barely put his new Batman book down, and Ane has been wearing a different lipstick color every day (though she’s partial to bright red to match her Santa hat at the moment).  The older three are definitely looking forward to opening more gifts!  Thumper is still lukewarm about the whole thing.  Hopefully he will get a little more into it as the days pass.

One Response to “Christmas Family Party!”

  1. Linda
    December 21st, 2016 07:09

    Happy Memories!
    Wonderful to see Beautiful Obachan and Handsome Gichan!
    Love to All!