Ane’s Friend Party, Trying To Watch A Movie

Nine girls over.  Three pizzas.  One movie.

Ane's crew

Yup, Ane was having her friends over to celebrate her birthday!

Goofy shot

Lina was spending the night, but the rest were over to eat pizza and ice cream sundaes, and supposedly watch Star Wars.  As in, the original 1977 Star Wars.  So many of Ane’s friends are first generation Americans, and have had very little exposure to the franchise.  But with Force Awakens and Rogue One being so recent, they have a semi-impression of what is supposed to be happening.  So Ane thought it would be fun to actually have them watch the original movie.

Did I mention that teenage girls talk?  A LOT.  They talked right over the movie (to the point where I put subtitles on), and the commentary they provided was… entertaining, to say the least.

For example…
(During the opening crawl) “So, you mean Star Trek and Star Wars are two different things?”

(Just after the opening crawl) “Is this the ‘I am your father’ movie, or is that a different one?”

(When Luke first activates his lightsaber) “That’s strangely mesmerizing.”

(When Han Solo first appears) Me: “Look, there’s Indiana Jones!”
Girl 1: “I know him!”
Girl 2: “Isn’t Indiana Jones related to Batman?”
Ane: “I can’t believe you just said that!”

(Millennium Falcon jumps to lightspeed)
Girl: “Oooooh, lasers!”
Ane: “Those are stars.”

Girl talking the most: “I swear, every time I look at the screen, there’s fighting.”

And by the time Princess Leia had been broken out of the cell block, they were begging me to let them play Just Dance on the Xbox.  I finally gave in.

Next year, forget the movie.  They just enjoy the sounds of their own voices.

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