Totally Zonked

Thumper, Thumper, Thumper.

You are SO not ready to give up naps yet.

Sunday evening, he fell asleep over his dinner.  We got him down from the high chair and tried to wake him up.  He curled up on the couch and ignored us.

I pulled him off the couch and into my lap, and started putting him into his pajamas.  Nothing.  He physically flopped over in my lap.

I changed him into his overnight diaper.  Still fast asleep.

I called for the big guns.  “Bring me his toothbrush!” I called.  Ane brought it out.

I brushed his teeth, and this was the result:


Apparently, he was looking for his missing hour of sleep.  So I put him in bed, and he slept (only rousing slightly at noisy siblings) for nearly 13 hours.

So, yes, he still needs his naps.

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