No Help, But Comedy Relief

I am way overdue for new glasses.  I finally got myself in to see a new eye doctor, but hadn’t gotten new glasses yet (since I wear contacts when I need to leave the house and drive).  And I really wanted the Webmaster’s opinion about new frames.  Ane’s opinion would work in a pinch as well, but I just needed to get to Costco.

We finally did on Sunday, even though Costco is 1) a zoo on Sundays, and 2) we bring our own zoo with us.

I did finally find a pair of frames that would work, but not until Tad and Rerun had tried on most of the other ones.

Funny boys

Ressis said “It’s Clark Kent and Harry Potter!”  And she’s right.

One Response to “No Help, But Comedy Relief”

  1. Ressis
    April 5th, 2017 07:44

    Aren’t I always? 😉