The Family On The Fourth

With the Major, Q-Bee, and the B Squad here for the Fourth, we had a nice family barbeque party at Grandma and Gichan’s house.  There were cousins running around outside, playing ball…

… though some would rather have kept napping.

When dusk fell, the need to light things afire could not be denied.

Tad alternated between pretending he was doing a Hawaiian fire dance with the sparklers, or using sparklers as wands ala Harry Potter.

Auntie and JW lit off several fireworks for the kids to enjoy together, but we finally headed home before it got dark enough to enjoy them (the boys had camp the next morning), so we lit off a few of our own once we were home.

The booms went on far into the night, but fortunately the kids all went to sleep.  It was a wonderful Fourth!

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