Appliance Failure In Progress

The Great Appliance Failure of 2017 has commenced, to borrow the phrasing of a former blog I used to read.

A week ago Thursday, the hot water tank decided to start leaking.  Joy of joys.  The Webmaster sprung into action.  He took Friday morning off for a trip to Home Depot after placing an online order the night before, and by Friday afternoon, we had hot water once again.

Then, on this last Friday night, I went out to the garage to find that our washing machine was leaking.  FUN TIMES!

The Webmaster starting disassembling it, after consulting the manual and a YouTube video, and discovered two problems: the counter-weight on the top of the drum (we have a front-loading washer) had wrenched itself out of its sockets and fallen to the bottom, and there was water all over the bottom front of the machine.

After trying to epoxy the counter-weight back into place and failing, we decided to run a load of laundry anyway to see what would happen.  I discovered a slow drip leak coming from the back seam of the drain hose into the catch.  By the time the cycle was over, there was a definite puddle – but not the spilling over leaking, which was apparently the result of slow-motion drip accumulation from who knows how long.

So, time to go washer/dryer shopping (may as well replace them both at the same time and get a matched set), and then wait and see which appliance decides to die next.

Ah, home ownership.  What a joy.

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