March Party Day!

We usually manage to hold the boys’ birthday party on one of the weekends between their birthdays, and last Saturday was the day!  Because Rerun had had his own friends party – and cake – the week before, I just picked one theme and one set of cupcakes to make.  This year, it was Minions.

Ane and I created the cupcakes, following some online inspiration.  The boys loved them.

Rerun was dying to get into his presents.  Thumper got an assist from Ane, so Mom could keep taking pictures and taking notes.

Rerun is much easier to shop for than Thumper, let me tell you.

But all Thumper really wants is his big sister to read to him.

I took a picture of each boy separately with the cupcakes, for posterity.

Then each boy got their own cupcake full of candles.

The boys gave their full approval to the cupcakes.

It was a fun party for both of them!

One Response to “March Party Day!”

  1. Nana
    March 23rd, 2018 09:42

    And a good time was had by ALL !! These memories will last, especially so as they are recorded….