Introducing Baseball

Ane’s friend Katie, who moved here just a little shy of a couple years ago from Vietnam, had never been to a baseball game.

We fixed that on Sunday.

What I actually love is the next picture, when Thumper suddenly gives the Mariner Moose some serious side-eye.

It was pretty chilly on Sunday, but we layered up and did our best to stay warm under hats and blankets.

Grandma and Gichan and Auntie and JW were also at the game with us, so when Thumper got antsy, I was able to take him for a long walk without leaving the Webmaster to juggle the boys by himself.

A flat Moose is more trustworthy than a real one.

Thumper liked running around in the Kids Zone up on the 300 level, which kept little legs busy.  Sadly, the team didn’t win on Sunday, but Thumper didn’t mind.

We all thawed out in the car after the game, and Thumper took a nice nap.  Katie enjoyed the game, but was definitely chilled by the weather.  We will have to try taking her to a game again over the summer!

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