Flashback Friday

Sorry for the late post yesterday – I was out very late at Tad’s school, because they held their curriculum night right away.  I got to meet all of Tad’s teachers, which was good – but why oh why must parking always be a wrench?

Anyway, now that Thumper has started kindergarten, I thought it would be fun to look back.

Here is Ane’s first day of kindergarten.

Here is Tad’s first day of kindergarten.

Here is Rerun’s first day of kindergarten.

And here is Thumper’s first day of kindergarten.

I love that all of them have stood in the exact same spot for these pictures.  Tad’s not standing up very straight in his picture, but just judging from where each kid’s ears meet the mantel shelf, I think Thumper is the tallest kindergartener, with Ane a close second.  And after looking at some other angles in other pictures, Tad might have been the shortest kindergartener – but he was also the youngest one, having only just turned five years old a couple of weeks before school started.

But yes, Thumper is a tall kid – but he’s also skinny and can curl up into a ball quite easily.

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