Friends At Christmas

Sometimes, those spontaneous get-togethers are just the best.

I got a text on Friday evening from Danny’s mom, asking if Tad and I could meet them at the Christmas lights at our church.  We weren’t doing anything important, so why not?

Tad and Danny are standing under the snow machine, which goes off every 20 minutes or so and showers everyone under it with tiny little frozen pellets.  It’s fun when you can’t order the real thing on demand!

The boys roamed around, ate a cookie, looked at the miniature train display, had some cocoa, did some more roaming around, and generally just enjoyed some time together, while their mothers talked and talked and talked and talked.  (The boys were kind of in awe of how much we could say to each other.  Sorry, guys.)

I love it when a spontaneous idea turns into a fun evening!

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