Dagobah Is Near

The boys and I were driving to Grandma and Gichan’s house a couple of weeks ago, and I was on the road that we colloquially call “Stephen’s Street” (because the Major’s good friend Stephen lived just one block over from our house, and this was the street he lived on), when we passed this large piece of protected wetland/swamp that runs between the two streets, though it isn’t visible from my parents’ house.

Someone is clearly having a bit of fun with this.

Yes, that is a Yoda figure (a pretty good-sized one) zip-tied to a fallen tree in the swampland.

THIS WAS THE BEST THING THE BOYS HAD EVER SEEN, and promptly caused a freak-out in the car.  So I had to pull over, get out, and take a picture.

I can’t believe that no one had thought of this in all the years we’ve lived here.

We now check on Yoda at least once a week.  I had no idea I grew up so close to Dagobah.

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