Little Fishies

Tad is progressing very well in swimming lessons – to the point that he is actually on the final “level” of lessons.  His teacher is confident that he’s very close to finishing what they can teach him.

I am worried about transitioning him out of swimming lessons, honestly – they are so much more than swimming lessons to him.  Swimming lessons are the cheap version of sensory therapy for Tad, so we are going to have to strike a deal to keep him in the water.  But really, we need him to finish up, so that Thumper – who is attracted to water, like so many kids on the spectrum – can start learning water safety and swimming.

Rerun, on the other hand, is on level 4 (of 7) of lessons, which is pretty good considering that his lessons had been pretty inconsistent until this last fall, when Ane left regular lessons and joined swim team.  He’s not a confident swimmer yet, but he does love the water.

And Ane is going to be working at swim camp again this summer, preparing for swim team, and has been told that as soon as she is 16, there will be some kind of job waiting for her at the pool.

So, there’s the swimming update that you didn’t know that you needed.


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