Veterans Day Off At The Zoo

While we continue to thank the veterans in our family (and I still think this picture is one of the best, it’s from 2009)…

… we took advantage of the non-rainy weather and the day off to go to the zoo.

We went to the outdoor play area – something we rarely do, because the weather is usually not quite this nice – and turned the boys loose.  Ane helped me keep track of Thumper, who just wanted to walk on fences as if they were balance beams (seriously, kid is trying to give me a heart attack), while Tad meandered and Rerun decided to build a dam.

This proves yet again that all this kid needs is sticks and dirt to make him happy.  He could have stayed there all day, moving these tree limbs (that the zoo has wisely left for kids to play with) into position to pretend that he was building a dam.  In fact, he protested quite loudly when Tad wanted to move on.  But we did, checking out the bears, the river otters, and all of Rerun’s favorite bird friends in the rain forest.

The toucans were even out, clicking their beaks.

Ane pointed the toucan out to Thumper, and asked him, “What does a toucan say?” to see if he would respond.

Tad helpfully filled in the silence with “Froot Loops are a part of a balanced breakfast!”

I heard a few adults get a laugh out of that one.

It’s never a dull day with my kids at the zoo.

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