The Rule of Mom Begins

Today begins a “pause” for the school district as they try to figure out how best to deliver online schooling when we are going to be out for at least 7 weeks, possibly more in total.

However, the boys have some online programs that they can continue to access, so they will.  I’m going to have them up and checking in every morning at 9 am.  That’s the plan.  Thumper will get to skate by a little, since he needs adult supervision to make sure he stays on task.  Pajamas are the new school uniform.

You may notice a lack of Ane in this picture.  A last-minute decision on our part, coordinating with friends, has her flying to Maui today.  We do feel a little guilty about doing so (yes, this is unnecessary travel), but with everything that is happening here, I really wanted to get the extroverted teenage girl – who doesn’t have a job right now – out of the house.  She will get to spend a little over a week with her friend Lisa and spend time on the beach.  Even if things lock down there, she will at least get the benefit of hanging out with one of her best friends in a tropical paradise.

In the meantime, I will endeavor to keep the boys busy until the other shoe inevitably drops.

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