Flashback Friday

I haven’t done a flashback in a while, because… sometimes it’s just depressing to look back at older pictures, and miss the ability to just be around people without words like “pandemic,” “virus,” and “social distancing” in the back of your head.

But these are fun, because watching the kids grow is always fun.¬† So here are some past Mother’s Day pictures.

Here’s the first one with all four kids, in 2013:

I have to admit that the 2014 picture is one of my favorites, thanks to Thumper and Rerun’s expressions:

The outtakes of 2017 were fun:

2018 was another warm one… and the older two were starting to creep up on me:

By last year, it was all over.  The teenagers were taller (though Tad had passed up Ane, and she was wearing heels):

I am so grateful that I am mom to these four crazy people.

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