Our First New Couch

In 20 years of marriage, the Webmaster and I have never bought a new couch.  Our first one was bought secondhand from someone my mother knew, who was downsizing a room.  Our second couch came from my aunt and uncle when they replaced their living room set.  Our third couch (which we needed to replace) was from my step-uncle and step-aunt when they bought a new couch.  The kids had pretty much shredded this last couch to the point that I had been covering it with blankets when people could see it over Zoom.

It being Labor Day, the Webmaster and I decided to just find something, ANYTHING, so long as it was in one piece and didn’t look like it was going to fall apart.

So we picked one out from World Market, which was in stock at our local store, and the Webmaster ran over to Home Depot to rent a truck by the hour to fetch it, and then take the old couch to the dump (along with some other items).

First, we moved the old couch out to the front yard.  This was extremely appealing to all the kids.

Tad began to have a meltdown over getting rid of this couch, but it was happening.

The new couch arrived and it was greeted with great enthusiam by everyone but Tad.

He is currently refusing to sit on the new couch.  We shall see how long this lasts.

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