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Mastering A Medium

Monday, August 5th, 2019

Sometimes, when Tad actually takes the time to really put effort into a piece of art, he can just blow me away. This was the final watercolor that he brought home from art camp.  He says he freehand copied of a picture that his teacher had, and then painted. I’m getting this one framed.

Watercolor Art Camp For Tad

Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

Ane’s in Maui, Rerun’s at summer camp, and this week, Tad is at the art studio, taking an intro to watercolors day camp class from his teacher. Watercolors has never been Tad’s preferred medium, but I was pleased to have him choose this camp and try something new. I’m enjoying seeing him stretch himself a […]

Art Of The Week – Batman! (Again)

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

Leave it to Tad to turn an evening’s project into a three-week process when he decides to deviate from the assignment. I mean, I don’t mind, and I don’t think his teacher minded, but when Tad decides to go Batman, he goes full-out Batman. This was supposed to be a trapeze figure on a string.  […]

Presenting Galileo!

Thursday, June 6th, 2019

And Rerun’s Galileo biography bottle is done and off to school a day early!  (It’s due tomorrow.) We got to the point where Rerun was saying “yes, Mom, whatever” while I was waving felt and the hot-glue gun around.  He did less work than he should have on the body, but he did insist on […]