When toys escape

No more getting toys for the Munchkin, I’ve decided. We can barely keep track of what she’s got. Another disappearing toy act has been pulled in this house yet again, and the Webmaster and I have done our usual search around for it. It will probably be a few more days until we find it, because we know it’s in this house somewhere. If it’s not, then the Munchkin actually threw it away (and the garbage got put out Monday night), which we find highly unlikely.

Anyway, she’s got plenty of stuff to play with now. And why buy her expensive toys when all she really wants to play with is a wooden spoon and an egg carton?

I remember misplacing toys as a kid. I found it very aggravating, and I developed my obsessive must-find-now compulsions (I blame my mother and obviously need therapy – maybe the Munchkin losing toys is a part of therapy). Now I must undo over twenty years’ worth of conditioning so that someday, the Munchkin will not have her own blog complaining about the exact same thing – and pointing the finger at me.

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