The squeaky wheel gets greased – rant update

I finally got a reply back from Target. Boy, are they spinning this to make me happy.

First, the good news: they reassure me that the Woodinville Target was “inadvertently” added to the list of stores that would no longer carry Dreft laundry detergent, and that the store should have it back in stock in two weeks. They then apologized that I missed the sale, and offered me free coupons for my next purchase of Dreft. We’ll see how much those coupons are worth.

I guess that this is all good news, but it’s still missing a main point – the customer service angle. While corporate headquarters can give me coupons and get items back on shelves, it is the local Target (or any other store, take your pick) that actually has to serve me and make me happy. And when I have a customer service rep basically brush me off with excuses and tries to point to a non-existent note on their ad bulletin board, that does not make me happy. When they don’t offer me an alternative item, that doesn’t help me.

I should not have to email corporate Target to get results. The local store should be more invested in keeping my business than headquarters. While I feel better that something I truly need is going to be available again, I’m still aggravated. It won’t stop me from shopping, but it sure does leave a bad taste in my mouth.

On a happier note, I picked up my first order of Stampin’ Up! stuff – hurray! I now have all the new ink colors in Stampin’ Spots, the new pastels, and my special indulgence – the new color wheel. 🙂 When order number 2 shows up, there will be much rejoicing.

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