And very nice grease it was, too!

I have received my bribe – um, customer incentive coupons – from Target in the wake of the Dreft debacle. Let’s just say that they are desperate – um, eager – to satisfy an unhappy customer who expressed herself in such strong and forceful language. I completely deny any charges of whining.

Target again apologized for the lack of Dreft detergent, and sent two coupons that are good for $3 each off any purchase at the store, plus a $10 gift card. So, my email yielded $16 in free money to be used when I want – no exparation dates, thank you very much.

To answer the next question, yes, I will buy Dreft with the coupons and card. That is only fair. However, I am going to wait until it goes on sale again, because I’m thrifty. And I most likely will call the store first to make sure that it is in stock. I’ll not be going on a fool’s errand again, let me tell you. And if they give me lame excuses, I can wave my corporate letters in their faces.

In other news, it is much cooler today than it was yesterday, but I am still hanging laundry on the line. There is a slight breeze blowing and bright sunshine, so things will eventually dry – or get an extra shot in the dryer tonight. Yesterday I had two gigantic loads out there that baked in 87 degree weather and came off the line fresh and crisp and dry. Yes, it’s the little things in life that bring a sense of satisfaction and a job well done. Now, if I can only get that baby sampler for the Munchkin finished before her baby brother arrives…

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