How much is left to do?

Not much. I’m nesting.

I should vacuum. I contract. I do the dishes. I contract. I should empty the dishwasher. I contract. The laundry needs folding. Well, that I can do sitting down. I guess I won’t contract while I’m doing that.

I’m still working on Christmas cards, keeping the Munchkin busy, and constantly cleaning up after her. That won’t end, even when her baby brother shows up.

But we still have our quiet, cuddly moments. My favorite time is right after she wakes up, and is having her morning milk in her “ba-ba.” She snuggles up in bed with me, and insists on having her arm around my neck, with me cuddling her. After she finishes the milk, I always get a good-morning hug and kiss and general information about what we are going to do today – from her perspective, of course.

But today, we have visitors to keep us busy – Friend, the Brain, and Head. This will be a fun day. If they can all share the toys, of course. Ha ha.

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