Feeling loved

I am now cleared to have a baby. The madness around here has officially wound down. My sister, brother-in-law, and Little Cousin left this morning for the Midwest and Officers’ Basic Course. Now we all get to sit and twiddle our thumbs and wait for a certain baby boy to decide to come out.

Of course, there is much more going on than that. Yesterday, I had Friend (who likes cheese) and the Brain and Head over. They were here to play with the Munchkin and make sure that I didn’t overdo it. Friend is ready for me to have my baby, because she doesn’t feel like having another one right now (much to Doc’s relief) but wants to be able to play with/hold/love on an infant. She does have a brand-new niece born only a few weeks ago, but her baby craving is not yet satiated. I’ll take another pair of willing arms to hold a baby any day. Plus the fact that the Munchkin is quite fond of Friend and Doc and the boys, and likes to spend time playing with them.

So, while they were over yesterday, who should knock at my door but Scrap Mom! She was returning a couple of stamp sets that she had borrowed to make pages with. Eventually she came in through the door with her two kids. Her oldest is 8 days younger than the Brain, and her baby boy is seven months old. So, five children, three mommies, and one baseball bat. Not kidding – they were all trying to play with the same T-ball toy that the Munchkin’s uncle and aunt gave her for her first birthday (with the exception of the seven month old, naturally). Enforcing the concept of “taking turns” was not pretty. However, lunch headed off any major incidents – macaroni and cheese with hot dogs for the kids, BLTAs (bacon, lettuce, tomato, and avocado) for the moms.

Scrap Mom’s crowd left after lunch, but Friend and the boys stayed around a while longer, especially since Head got a second wind after someone else arrived – friend, former roommate, and yet another stamper and crafter who will now be known by the name Handy Girl. She owned power tools before she got married, and is a do-it-yourselfer in a big way. She also only lives five minutes away with her husband, Handy Guy, and their dog. Anyway, she comes over to hang out in the afternoons every so often, and is a great favorite with the Munchkin. The kids all went into “we’re not tired” mode and managed to keep that up for another hour or so before Head went into total meltdown and the Munchkin wasn’t far behind. Naps were due, so Friend took her boys home (and her crockpot and crochet hook – things she had left here previously), and I put the Munchkin down for her nap, and then Handy Girl and I got a chance to chat. She left before the Munchkin awoke, so I had a little time to reflect.

We (the Webmaster and I) really do have a terrific group of friends. These bonds have been forged over the course of many years, many weddings, the birth of kids, and mutual values and understanding. It is great that there is the freedom to drop in at one another’s homes, and that our kids haven’t killed each other yet. I felt very loved and supported yesterday. It was a good feeling in the midst of feeling over-warm and round and huge. And I know that feeling will only grow when Munchkin #2 is born. Yes, you know who you are, and you are on the list of people to call. 🙂

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