Mental flotsam

A list of random questions that kept popping into my head while the Munchkin napped this afternoon and Baby Boy was snuggled up on my chest sleeping and I was trying to catch a nap. I swear that they all came to me, not necessarily in the order listed, while I floated in and out of sleepiness.

– How many Betty Crocker points do I have stored in the silverware drawer?
– Why is the brown in Baby Boy’s car-pattern flannel diapers fading in the wash, but not the red or black?
– How much Christmas shopping do I have left to do?
– How much Christmas shopping can I accomplish on Barnes and Noble online for $50?
– Can I buy white linen by the yard at JoAnn Fabrics?
– Is cross-stitch waste cloth available in anything smaller than 14-count?
– If I bake cookies, should they be chocolate chip or snickerdoodles?
– Will someone throw a stamp camp before the end of November so I can buy Christmas gifts?
– How much longer until that eBay bid for the Lucy bear ends?
– How many calories did I cut out of my Java Chip Frappucino by ordering it without the whipped cream?
– Has that sausage in the fridge thawed out yet?
– When will Albertsons’ send more coupons in the mail?
– What should I get my brother for his birthday?
– Do I need to send out birthday cards before this weekend to get them to people before Labor Day?
– Does the Munchkin need a bath tonight?

As you can see, my brain is slightly fried.

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