Weekend Update

Did a 4-star Sudoku puzzle and finished it! Doc then accused me of lying on this blog. So I tried doing another 4-star and blew it. There, Doc. I hope you’re happy. 😉

Saturday was fun – Friend and I threw a stamp camp at her house. No one from our regular cadre of stamping friends showed up, but many of Friend’s friends (hahaha, that looks funny) who have never tried stamping before did. I hope they had fun, I hope they come back in February when we throw another one of these, and I hope they buy things next time.

The downside of Saturday – the Munchkin DID NOT NAP. As a result, she was out for blood when the Brain and Head got up from their naps. She didn’t draw any blood, but not for lack of trying. The Webmaster and Doc caught her hitting the Brain on the head with a xylophone mallet. This is what happens when she doesn’t nap – she becomes a raving lunatic.

Friend proved that she is a wonderful and reliable friend to all when another friend of hers called Saturday while we were over. This friend had left her passport at home, and needed it immediately. She and her husband were leaving for Australia Sunday night. Problem – she is in San Francisco when she calls. But Friend jumped into action, went to their home (she has keys), got the passport, and worked it out with FedEx to get it to San Francisco by 10 am Sunday. So, just to let you know, it is possible to fix a major oops like that. However, it will cost you $373.50. Yikes! An expensive lesson for us all to learn.

Sunday was supposed to be more laid-back (after all, the Sabbath was made for man), but no such luck. The Munchkin played with a neighbor child for a while out in our cul-de-sac before her nap – the little boy has a John Deere kid truck that he can drive around in (battery-operated). So the Munchkin rode shotgun after changing out of her dress and into jeans. They had fun (the little boy is nearly 4 years old, and has a sister about 6 months younger than the Munchkin), but everyone went home when the battery needed to be recharged. Then we had to wind her down for a nap, but she did nap.

Then we had our quarterly membership meeting at church in the evening. Our senior pastor said something interesting regarding church leadership. He was on sabbatical this summer and realized that no one on the church board was younger than 40. January is the time when two new board members will be elected – the nominating committee was being organized tonight. He encouraged people to think younger – obviously, anyone nominated has to be a church member in good standing, but it is obvious that he wants to get some newer, younger people involved in church leadership.

Our church was planted eleven years ago, and the core group of adults were mostly my parents’ age (now mid-40’s to early 50’s), with a handful slightly older and a handful slightly younger. The entire high school youth group when we started was me. Yes, just me. They added the 2 ninth-graders to the high school (even though they wanted to follow the conventions of the local school district, which meant high school is 10-11-12) so I wouldn’t be lonely. Our church’s demographic is very young (we have a booming children’s ministry and a large youth group) and the midlife crowd. The 20’s and 30’s are severely underrepresented. We have not been able to keep many, if any, college students (many who were in the youth group in high school have gone away to college), and there are some young married couples (like us), but not many who are very involved in church activities. We do have a few small groups that are focused toward that age group, and many have children the Munchkin’s age (or around her age), so we know them.

The point of saying all of this? The Webmaster has already been told (as I predicted immediately when the age factor was broached) that his name is going to come up. We both are visibly active (he in choir and youth group, me in the Cubbies program and the nursery), and are in the right age demographic that our senior pastor is trying to get. So, it could be very interesting around here. I think it would be a good thing for the church to get some younger leaders involved, and it might just end up being the Webmaster. Hey, he’s already the church’s unofficial tech support.

Then we went out to dinner at Red Robin with my parents and sister. I was smart and ordered the Munchkin’s food first – grilled cheese sandwich and fries – so she could eat and not get crazy. Baby Boy proved again that he is the best baby in the whole wide world by sleeping through part of dinner, then sitting quietly in his car seat and smiling for the rest of it. We think he is going to become a thumb-sucker – he sure likes it when he can find it.

Maybe things will get back to normal today. Weekends around here aren’t normal anymore.

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