Think birthday…

The Christmas cards are DONE! DONEDONEDONE! I even have leftovers. How did that happen?

I have a profound sense of accomplishment. I will get to savor it for exactly 30 seconds, and then I have to start in on the Munchkin’s birthday invitations.

This is one of the hardest parts about the Christmas season – having to think birthday at the same time. As the Webmaster continually reminds me, our timing was bad. I’m really sorry, Munchkin, but I honestly didn’t think we would get pregnant in the first month we were trying!

She arrived four days late, so her birthday is two days after Christmas. I was really hoping that she would be early, so we could maybe put some more space between her birthday and Jesus’. But no luck, and we had to induce her to come out when she did. In truth, it is actually a tad more convenient to have her birthday post-Christmas, because the run-up to the holiday is always crammed with events. Plus, more people (like the Webmaster) are on vacation between Christmas and New Year’s, so it becomes much easier to throw a birthday party on a weeknight.

I have been preparing for a Veggie Tales birthday party. I have bought stickers to make invitations with, have tentatively planned the cake design, and have the time picked out. Her birthday parties right now are family affairs – when she gets older, she can have a kid party with friends. I would invite our friends if I could, but it’s wintertime when this party happens and our house lacks the square footage for the people who are related and come. Most of my extended family is in the area, so the Munchkin gets the fun of having two great-grandmothers and great-aunts and uncles attend, as well as both sets of grandparents, her own uncles and aunts, and this year, Little Cousin and Baby Boy.

It is hard to switch gears in the middle of the holidays and have a birthday party. We are always going to be celebrating her birthday with the tree and all the Christmas decor up. But we did pretty well last year, and I’m hoping that we will be equally successful this year.

If I can just get the invitations made.

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