Super Bowl, here we come!

This. Is. So. Cool.

The Seattle Seahawks are the NFC Champions!!!

I am so glad that this has happened for several reasons:

1) It’s nice to have a winning team in town.

2) Paul Allen “owns” the Seahawks. He also “owns” the company the Webmaster works for. Keeping Uncle Paul happy means the Webmaster stays employed.

3) My loyalty to the Seahawks has finally been justified.

4) I don’t have to listen to the Webmaster and his father keep talking up the Denver Broncos’ past glories anymore. 🙂

5) The Munchkin gets to show off her incredibly cute “touchdown!” hand signal, and gets to keep saying “fouku-ball” around the house.

6) Girl With Flat Hat gets to rub it in her brothers-in-law’s faces that the Panthers lost, as she watched the game with her husband’s family as a lone Seattle fan.

7) A big game always means a party and food somewhere!

8) The majority of the players are nice guys who have worked hard and really earned where they are today.

9) It takes everyone’s mind off the incessant rain.

10) Seattle finally gets to be known for something other than the aforementioned rain.

Yes, I am happy. But I have a gigantic rant coming soon. Stay tuned!

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