My Inspiration

We’re doing more photo practice! The Webmaster did have to tinker with the photos to reduce red eye, but these were taken yesterday afternoon.

First up: Baby Boy

He is quite possibly the sweetest little boy in the whole world. He only gets upset for very specific reasons:
1) Tired
2) Hungry
3) Wet/poopy diaper
4) Been left alone for too long on the floor
5) Sister is bugging/sitting on him
Otherwise, he is always the happy boy that you see here. And he loves this lion. I am going to buy another one, and keep it in case of emergency. And if we don’t end up needing it, some other little boy will love it someday.

Next up: the Munchkin

She is a cutie. She lures you in with her sweet, friendly manner and quick smile. Then she rips out your eyeballs from your head and runs. She’s got spunk and personality, and the wheels are constantly turning in that little head of hers, plotting her next move.

And finally: the dynamic duo

They love each other. Really. She can cheer him up and get a huge smile out of him, and he is the first person that she asks for every morning. Yes, she has resented him and has deliberately hurt him to see how far she could go. I figure that he’ll be returning the favor before too long. Welcome to sibling rivalry. It is a love-hate relationship. So far, there’s more love than hate.

Just after this picture was taken, he started to fuss. She asked to hold him. I propped him up in her lap, and she hugged him and said, “Shhh, shhh, baby. You fine.”

*For the record, the Huggies box in the background is full of Star Trek novels that are going to live in the garage until such time as I have more shelf space for them. I’ve run out of bookcase space again, and don’t even get me started on the non-fiction books that I have in boxes in the Munchkin’s closet. My dream house has a library in it.*

So, these are my kids. They are my greatest blessing and my greatest responsibility. I love being their mommy.

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