Addicted to DSL

Or, reason #801 why Verizon is lousy sometimes.

While I was writing my post for the blog last night, our total DSL connection decided to go kaput. After about an hour of the Webmaster testing our firewall and our server and even our modem to make sure the problem wasn’t on our end, he went the old-fashioned way, picked up our Verizon bill, and called the help line.

The waiting time, as projected by the computer, was 30 minutes long.

So we decided to wait until morning to see if all the issues got fixed before we joined that line. As you can see, our waiting paid off, and we are back on.

Unfortunately, with all the hoopla going on with the computer, we forgot to put our garbage out. It got collected around the house, but not put on the curb. Argh.

And now I have an incredibly hungry Munchkin at my shoulder, whining for food. Let’s see if this day can improve, shall we?

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