Munchkin Speaks!

We were watching American Idol last night, and right as the judges were talking to Ace, an Amber Alert notice came on. It started off with the Emergency Alert System beep, and then the text appeared on the screen.

As soon as the beeping started, the Munchkin ran over to the TV. “What happen to American Idol?” she demanded.

The Webmaster and I nearly fell over from shock and laughter. We had NO IDEA that she knew what the show was called. And just try explaining an Amber Alert to a two-year-old.

Fortunately, the alert ended and the show came back on, so the Munchkin was happy. And the Amber Alert has since been cancelled.

As for American Idol – now that Bucky is finally (!) gone, if Kellie manages to dodge the bullet after her bad performance, either Paris or Elliott is going. It was good to see everyone generally improving after the last couple weeks of really lousy performances. The Webmaster is still faithfully voting for Taylor.

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