Easter Parade

Our Easter was busy, but mostly pleasant. The Munchkin woke up at 7:30 in the morning and decided that breakfast was not going to be eaten – at least by her. I managed to get something into her, since I knew that she cannot live on goldfish crackers alone, but that got the morning off to a rougher start than any normal Sunday.

We had decided that the Easter Bunny was going to come post-nap, so after taking a few quick pictures, we headed off to church as usual. I worked in the nursery during the first service, which was packed out. Everyone was going off to brunch afterwards, obviously. We had 12 children in the nursery! Out of the 12, 4 were brand-new, three were regular second service attenders that came early, two were regular first service kids, and then there was the Munchkin, Baby Boy, L., who usually stay for both services. When second service started, the good people who took over for us first service workers got exactly 3 kids – the Munchkin, Baby Boy, and L.

My mother and I had collaborated on a special gift for the Munchkin. She loves the Corduroy books, and I went and got a bear from Build-A-Bear that looks very much like him, ordered some green corduroy fabric online and my mother made overalls for the bear. He is adorable. The Munchkin was so totally surprised, and she instantly recognized him as “Cordy bear”. She was given the bear right after church, so my mother could help give it to her.

We did Easter baskets after the Munchkin woke up from her afternoon nap. Each of the kids got a stuffed animal (Baby Boy got a Pooh Bear), a Veggie Tales CD, and a book (the Munchkin got Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late! and Baby Boy received Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?). Then we all went up to my grandmother and step-grandfather’s house for dinner. The kids were the life of the party, since Auntie is far too old to do an Easter Egg hunt – although she still does, because her Grandpa fills the plastic eggs with quarters.

This Easter felt busier than normal to me, but I think that was because we now have two kids, and trying to make two kids smile at the same time for pictures is a challenge – especially when one is a toddler who’d rather be taking the picture (and operating a camera) than be in the picture.Easter Parade

On the up side, Lent is over! While we’re not Catholic, our congregation was encouraged to observe Lent as a period of self-sacrifice and discipline. Picking something to give up was kind of hard for me, because I don’t have a lot of extra vices, like coffee drinking, that I could give up. So I gave up chocolate for Lent. And I stuck to it. I am very pleased that I did, but opening up that box of Girl Scout Thin Mints on Sunday and having a couple was oh so yummy…

So that was our Easter. Christ is risen! Kids, take naps!

One Response to “Easter Parade”

  1. Juliet
    April 18th, 2006 07:21

    Coffee drinking is a vice?!

    No, really, I gave up coffee AND chocolate for Lent one year. That was hard. This year I just gave up chocolate. But our priest always likes to preach sermons during Lent in which he says that Lent is about more than just giving up chocolate (snort!) so I didn’t tell him anything about my Lenten observance this year.