Kid Moments

Each of the kids had something special happen for them this weekend.

The Munchkin got some treats and surprises. The Webmaster and I had our teeth cleaned at the dentist’s on Friday morning. The kids are a big hit with the staff there, and the Munchkin got a new toothbrush and some Disney stickers. Our dentist also keeps a salt water fish tank that contains two clownfish and a blue tang – all of which she had pre-Finding Nemo – but the minute that the Munchkin saw the clownfish, she squealed, “Nemo!!” After finishing up at the dentist’s (no cavities for anyone!), I took the kids to my parents’ to play. Yes, I called first. They have a jungle gym in their backyard (with a slide) that my Dad built for us years ago. While it needs some repairs, the Munchkin loves playing on it. We stayed so long that Auntie came home from school before we left. And the Munchkin didn’t want to leave. She was fully prepared to take her nap there at Grandma’s. But I insisted, and we headed for home.

We did make one slight detour, though. I decided that such a gorgeous day in the Seattle area (we hit higher than 70 degrees here, which is a major feat in April) deserved to be celebrated with a Blackberry Green Tea Frappuccino. I knew that the Munchkin wouldn’t be happy with just me getting a treat and not sharing, so I bought her a kid’s vanilla milk – her very first Starbucks drink for herself. She was thrilled. She thanked me for her “coffee” and managed to drink most of it before handing it to me at a stoplight and falling asleep.

Saturday’s weather was nearly the opposite of Friday’s – rain, rain, cold rain. The Munchkin had cabin fever, big time. So I decided that the time was right to give her a surprise that the Webmaster and I had been planning for. While she was napping, we got my dollhouse (which my Dad built for me when I was six) out of our garage. I cleaned it up, and I brought out some of the dolls and furniture that we have been buying for her. We have a few more things tucked away (and plan on getting a few more) for special treats and rewards.

When she saw the dollhouse being wheeled into her room, her jaw hit the floor. She was stunned and totally surprised. She could hardly contain her excitement when she saw the two dolls, the kid’s bedroom and the bathroom that we were giving her to start with. She was so happy. She actually turned to me as she was sitting down to play, and said in a rapturous voice, “Oh, dank you, Mommy!” It melted my heart. We didn’t see her for at least an hour. She was so enthralled with the dollhouse that we literally had to drag her out of her room for dinner.

Sunday morning, she woke up and started playing again. When I came in to get her, she looked at me and said, “Mommy, I like dollhouse.” We had to tear her away from it to get her dressed for church. The only way we managed to get her out the door was to remind her that there is a dollhouse in my parents’ Sunday school classroom, and that her dollhouse would be there when she got home. My Dad was pleased to hear that she was enjoying it so much.

And what was Baby Boy doing while his sister was getting stickers, playing on slides, drinking Starbucks vanilla milk and getting a dollhouse to play with? Oh, not much. Just cutting another tooth and STANDING ON HIS OWN FOR TEN SECONDS AT A TIME. He can actually stand alone! The Webmaster discovered this on Saturday, and while I professed disbelief, the boy did it for me, too! He wobbles like a drunken sailor trying to keep upright, but he can balance himself for about ten seconds or so, then flops down onto his butt and crawls off. We have to put him into the standing position – he can pull himself up on anything, but he won’t let go on his own yet.

So, a big weekend around here! And one domestic tragedy – a broken crystal picture frame that the Webmaster and I got on our honeymoon in Disneyland. It is replaceable – in Disneyland. I guess we’ll just have to go back! In the meantime, let’s just say that it was an accident, but that no one will be playing ball in the house anytime soon.

3 Responses to “Kid Moments”

  1. DozeyMagz
    May 1st, 2006 01:41

    Glad you all had such a lovely weekend. It must have been lovely to see the expression on her little face when she saw her Doll House! Well done to Baby Boy too – he’ll be racing around non-stop soon!

  2. Little Cousin's Mommy
    May 1st, 2006 08:03

    I’m glad Munchkin liked the dollhouse. Was she “practically” proud of it? 😉

    On the standing/walking front. Little Cousin is taking more and more steps each day. Trouble is brewing.

  3. jen
    May 1st, 2006 09:52

    The walking thing is toooo cool!! And that is great about the dollhouse. Mine is still back in Jersey…with my aunt and uncle…and I want it soooo badly. Me thinks a road trip is needed.
    LOVIN the weather last week around here…let’s do a sun dance to bring it back…