Quick morning update

I am all partied out, to start with.

The Munchkin’s sunburn is fading, and I took extra precautions to make sure that she didn’t get burned while we were out at the 4th of July parade yesterday. She had a pretty good time, and discovered a new treat – Tootsie Rolls.

Baby Boy has been playing outside a lot and trying to eat bark, grass, and small sticks. He also had a run-in with a table leg last night and gave himself a shiner under his left eye and a good-sized lump on his forehead.

Belle, my soon-to-be-four-month-old niece, is sweet and cute and incredibly wiggly. She looks just like my sister-in-law’s baby pictures.

The Webmaster got a new propane barbeque grill for his birthday, and he spent Monday putting it together. He can’t wait to try it out.

I made a blueberry cheesecake, and the leftovers are in my fridge and calling out my name…

3 Responses to “Quick morning update”

  1. MetroDad
    July 5th, 2006 12:27

    Hahaha…sounds like my daughter had the same weekend as both Baby Boy & The Munchkin! Over the long weekend, the Peanut discovered Oreo cookies and spent most of her free time eating sand, grass and rocks.

    Hope you had a great 4th!

  2. DozeyMagz
    July 6th, 2006 03:05

    OOOH! – Save some of that cheesecake for me!

  3. Oddball
    July 6th, 2006 20:38

    What your hearing is really MY name, not yours. In other words, hands off the cheesecake I’ll be there to claim it in Nov.