What do you mean, it’s August?!?

How did THAT happen?

Is this year going fast for everyone else, or is it just me?

This month is going to be quite full… Tad’s birthday looms ahead of me. Fortunately, he’s already gotten his present (the big backyard toy with slides), so all he’s getting from us is a Beginner’s Bible for his birthday. The boy is still wearing a handful of 12 month sized clothes because he’s so skinny, and the biggest size he’ll be wearing this fall is 24 months. The only good part about his extreme leanness and short legs is that he’s worn a couple of pairs of shorts for two summers now. I’m curious to see where he falls in height and weight when I take him in for his 2 year old check-up.

And I am trying to not get caught up in the back-to-school hype… after all, this is Ane’s first year of preschool, and how much does she really need? I actually went through her clothes and found that she has plenty of jeans to grow into, and several nice long-sleeved tops, and I went to Old Navy and bought her new socks in every girly color (2 pairs in white), so really, all she needs is some casual shoes that are dressy enough even for church. She had a great pair of shoes that her Grandma bought her last year that were just perfect, and she loved them to pieces. Literally. So I’m hoping I can find something similar for a decent price for this year.

I am keeping my eyes peeled for cute winter dresses, though. It seems that Ane’s closet is chock full of sundresses, but only a couple of warm pieces that she still fits. However, I can’t go too overboard on that, because her birthday is right after Christmas, and I may be the only weirdo on earth who gives summer clothes as Christmas gifts, which pretty much guarantees that Ane will get fall/winter clothes for her birthday.

How did I get all the way out here?

Oh, yeah. It’s August…

One Response to “What do you mean, it’s August?!?”

  1. Little Cousin's Mommy
    August 1st, 2007 06:53

    Ditto on the little girl only having summer dresses. Little Cousin cleaned up for her birthday with sundresses (she got one from everyone), but not a scrap of a winter dress in her closet. Of course, by the time Christmas roles around winter is half over (especially in Texas), so I’ll have to get her a couple when they come out in the fall.