Emerging from the holiday coma

Okay, as expected, Obachan put on the full spread yesterday. However, I managed to restrain myself to one helping of everything. She then packed up several cartons of food for us to take home. We’ll be eating leftovers until Valentine’s Day.

I have to get the Christmas tree down, because it’s as dry as a bone, shedding all over the carpet, and the Boy Scouts are coming Saturday for their annual tree pick-up.

Ane’s birthday party (kid version at large inflatable toy place) is next Monday. How hard is it to get people to RSVP for things??? I’ve actually gotten some responses today, thankfully, but I have a feeling that some people will just show up.

Today is a no-nap day. The kids and I got up late, and I had to take them grocery shopping and Costco shopping. After all this Christmas and birthday hoopla, I took a look in my fridge and freezer and was stunned. We were out of milk! And bread! And low on eggs! And all the Uncrustables are gone! You know, the important things. $100 at Costco later, we can get snowed in and feed ourselves just fine.

The upshot of the late morning and shopping trip is that there will be no naps today. On the plus side, early bedtime!

Ane has been playing with her Princess figurines that were on her birthday cake and her three rag doll Princesses (Ariel, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty) all day. The three dolls have been to the doctor today as well (Ane received a Fisher-Price medical kit from Obachan for Christmas, something she’s wanted forever), and Ane’s imaginary horse Trigger just got a time-out for hitting Ariel.

Tad wants to play catch with me (he got some new sports balls for Christmas, and just threw the football at the computer screen). I guess I’d better go play with him before he throws another ball at the Christmas tree – yet another reason why the tree needs to come down.

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