Partially functional

The Webmaster stayed up until some ungodly hour this morning putting together our new system. While it’s not totally up and running yet, the Internet connection is okay, so I essentially have a web terminal to use. I am checking all my email online. But the best part is that I can now type at normal speeds again!!

I cannot even list the ways that marriage to the Webmaster has changed my computer usage. When we started dating, I was exclusively using Macs. I eventually started using PCs at school (mostly because there were more of them), and then he set up a system for me at Obachan’s house, and it’s been a downward spiral from there. He used an ergonomic keyboard, so I had to get used to one. Now you hand me a regular keyboard and my hands feel cramped. He insisted that I had to get used to a PC, because that’s what he had. Now he’s talking about getting a Mac “for fun”, and I could just whack him across the face with the ergonomic keyboard.

I let him install Windows Vista on this new system because he kept whining about it (he had already purchased it). He promised me that he would set up my profile in “classic” mode. I think he knows that my nerves are wearing out.

I am profoundly glad to at least have this much computer access today. The laptop was easy enough to use, but I prefer a desktop – mostly for mouse usage. That itty-bitty touchpad is not easy to master.

Okay, enough computer griping. The griping yesterday was all from Ane.

We’ve had some icy weather around here, along with some light snow. It was bad enough that yesterday morning, most school districts were delaying the start of classes by an hour or two, and Ane’s school cancelled all morning preschool. She was devastated, and there were tears. I took her to Bible Study that morning with me and Tad, but she was still quite upset – until she saw her friend Gracie (older sister of her buddy L., who I haven’t come up with a good blog name for yet). Gracie didn’t have kindergarten that day because of the road conditions, so it made Ane feel better that someone else was in the same boat.

Gracie wasn’t crying about it, but don’t tell Ane that.

Resiss and the girls are flying back to Texas this morning, and it really hasn’t sunk in for Ane that they are leaving, even though I have broached the subject with her. She made a comment after breakfast about “Baby Cousin coming over to play with all the old baby toys,” and I had to gently remind her that Baby Cousin and Little Cousin left to go home. I don’t think it has clicked with her yet, and probably won’t until we’re over at Grandma and Gichan’s and she asks for them.

We’re slowly returning to normal here, whatever that means. But having my computer back is a big step toward that. Holiday picture blogging will resume at some point here, when our profiles are back up on the system and I can access Picasa again.

One Response to “Partially functional”

  1. Resiss
    January 17th, 2008 04:26

    Aunt Resiss and Cousins made it back to Texas safely!