Tad talks to Wicket

My parents’ cat, Wicket, is not generally a tolerant kitty. Usually, if he sees a small child, he’ll go running toward the closest exit/hiding space/upstairs where kids can’t get to due to baby gates.

However, this doesn’t deter either of my kids. Ane has learned the hard way to be gentle with Wicket, and Tad… Tad just wants to talk to the kitty, not really pet it (though he does love touching the soft fur).

This picture was taken at Auntie’s birthday party. Wicket is curled up on a heat register (a favorite place), and Tad has crawled under the dining room table to get to the cat. He then started trying to communicate with the kitty. “Meow, mow, meow,” Tad said, trying to get a response.

Wicket, to his credit, listened patiently. Tad patted the kitty’s fur, and continued to try and talk to the cat. The lovefest was broken up when more people headed toward the table for cake.

My son can speak cat pretty well. Now, we just need to work on his English skills…

One Response to “Meow”

  1. Matthew
    February 4th, 2008 21:04

    TheMonk is the same way! The other evening I heard a very loud Meow downstairs where I was cleaning up and I looked around only to realize it was TheMonk meowing in his room over the baby monitor.

    Great photo!