A fun – and important – event

Occasionally, I blog about our neighbors Big Jay and Little Mo. If you’re a longtime reader, Little Mo is just a few months younger than Ane, and was diagnosed with leukemia back in October 2006. Currently, she is in very good shape, and even gets to play with Big Jay and Ane. She’s got enough energy to keep up with them now!

Yesterday, our local fire department paid Little Mo a visit. They are doing the Columbia Tower Stair Climb, which is an event put on by the area’s fire departments, and they are raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The local fire department is raising money in Little Mo’s name, and so they came to play with her and Big Jay and take pictures of her on the fire trucks. We were graciously invited to come over and play with the firefighters as well.

It was like having a personalized field trip delivered straight to our door. The firefighters could not have been more friendly and entertaining, and even though this was Little Mo’s time to play, they were very enthusiastic about greeting Ane and Tad and letting them join in the fun.

The kids even got “helmets” to keep:
Firefighter Ane
Firefighter Tad adjusts his helmet

And they both got a chance to take a good look inside the fire trucks, and even pretend to drive it. The firefighters were a lot braver than I would have been and were letting the kids push buttons.
Ane looks out the window

I could do this when I grow up!

Tad to the rescue!

Ane in the driver's seat

This wheel is as big as me!

The kids were having so much fun that it was hard to pull them away. When the firefighters finally left, Tad cried. I can’t say I blame him. How often do you even get a chance to play in a fire truck like that?

The climb is this Sunday. If you feel led to donate, you can do so here. This is one of the firefighters climbing on Little Mo’s team, who was here to show her the engines yesterday. They are all great guys and climbing for a worthy cause.

And as for Little Mo, I had never seen her quite so animated and happy. Later that evening, as Big Jay came over to ride with us to church for Awanas, Little Mo was running around and yelling after her brother and Ane. According to her mom, she no longer feels sick, and it is amazing to see.

More than amazing – downright miraculous.

And no, I haven’t forgotten about American Idol! Was it me, or did the girls get progressively worse as the show went on? I’m not sure who is going to be voted off, but Amanda looked like Morticia Adams’ younger sister and had a terrible performance, and Alexandrea picked a bad song as well. Still, it is a toss up. Asia’h had interesting extensions in her hair and her voice broke during her song, and Kady sang very strangely. The top girls are clearly Carly, Brooke and Ramiele, so it will be fascinating to see who goes today.

One Response to “A fun – and important – event”

  1. Resiss
    February 28th, 2008 06:11

    It’s great to hear that Little Mo is doing so much better.

    I agree with your top picks for Idol from last night. It seemed that five of the last six girls were told the exact same things form the judges: wrong song choice; you’re great on the notes you belt out, but go off pitch on low and/or verse notes. If I had to guess who would go, I’d say Kristy (there’s just nothing memorable about her) and Amanda (because of all the strange and bad performances last night, that was the strangest and the worst).