Ane Speaks – who are you again?

Ane has a good friend at church named Lina. Lina’s mom, Aimee, has become a friend of mine as well. This last Saturday, Aimee and I took the girls out to tea at the Peach Tree, which is a tea house/bakery at Country Village in Bothell. Country Village is a little antique mall with several specialty shops, including the Peach Tree. We took high tea together – the girls had the “kids” tea (peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit, cookies and tea), and Aimee and I had a luncheon tea with some yummy sandwiches, fruit, tea, and warm scones with clotted cream and lemon curd to finish it off.

Anyone else hungry right now?

Lina brought her purse to tea, filled with My Little Pony toys, which the girls played with while Aimee and I chatted and enjoyed ourselves. They behaved pretty well, which means that we can do tea again sometime. But Ane really liked Lina’s fuzzy purple purse, and when we got home, she wanted to know if she could have one like it.

“Ane, you have more purses than I can count!” I exclaimed. “I know you have a purple purse!” I was right – and she actually owns TWO purple purses. One is a little fuzzy one that is shaped like a cartoon-ish elephant face (which is really cute), and the other one is a soft knitted bag with long braided straps. Ane was thrilled to resdiscover the latter one, and immediately put her “makeup” into it (which includes her empty compact cases and the one grape-flavored chapstick I let her keep in her room).

“Mommy, who gave this to me?” she asked.

I thought about it – she has SO many purses – and I finally said, “I think June gave you that purse.” June is a family friend. She and her husband and their kids were very close to my family while we were growing up, and she is a very crafty person and an avid quilter. The baby quilt she made for Ane is her bedspread right now, so Ane is familiar with her work.

Later, Ane was showing off her “new” purse to the Webmaster. “See my purse, Daddy? Judas gave it to me!”


One Response to “Ane Speaks – who are you again?”

  1. Resiss
    April 8th, 2008 06:17

    Too funny!