Every time we have Kay over for a speech therapy session, I find out something new about Tad. For example, yesterday she was having him work on making an “o” shape with his mouth – which, because of his oral motor skill delay, he has a very hard time doing. A simple exercise like blowing air through a straw is extremely difficult for him… which explains why he can’t drink with a straw yet. When he does use a straw, he can suck up liquid, but he lacks the skill to suck and swallow at the same time from a straw. You can imagine the mess that ensues.

Still, I never would have thought to link that to his speech delay. It is amazing to think about how many of these issues have a secondary correlation. I’m learning so much.

But so is Tad, and he gave us a wonderful example of how far he is coming on Monday.

It was Little Mo’s 4th birthday (a wonderful occasion in itself!), and we walked down our cul-de-sac after lunch to deliver her birthday present. I should say that Little Mo has grown quite a full head of dark, wavy hair back and has really started to be less shy and more chatty whenever we see her. It is so uplifting and heartening to see how healthy she is now.

Ane was carrying the wrapped birthday gift to their house, while I followed behind her and Tad brought up the rear. All of a sudden, I heard Tad yell, “Wai! Wai!”

I stopped and turned. He had just yelled at me to wait for him.

He caught up to me, his hand outstretched toward mine. He grabbed my hand and smiled at me. “Okay,” he said, and we walked, hand-in-hand, to Little Mo’s house.

I had to try very hard not to cry – or drop into a dead faint. I had no idea he knew the word “wait.” How many more words do you think that kid has stored up in his head that simply aren’t making their way out yet?

Somehow, I have a feeling that it is only a matter of time before they all spontaneously come out. All we have to do is be patient and keep working.

In short, we have to wait.

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