In preparation for our upcoming trip to Disneyland, my Dad pulled out a very old video tape (copyright 1991) that we bought at Disneyland once upon a time. Auntie loved it so much as a little girl (younger than Ane, even) that she used to watch it all the time. Ane was positively glued to it as she began to soak in what “Disneyland” will mean to her.

As the video started, Mickey Mouse strolls down Main Street, greeting cast members (as people who are employed at Disneyland are referred to), Dad starts to add his commentary:
“See that girl there? They fired her last year.”
“That old lady? She was forced into early retirement.”

Later, the Webmaster says to me, “You know, your Dad was saying the funniest stuff during the Disneyland video. Did he say things like that while you were growing up?”

I stared. “Ohhh, HECK YEAH.”

My Dad has the most deadpan sense of humor that I know of. The Captain comes close, but we all know who he learned it from. Dad can deliver a funny line with a perfectly straight face, which made us laugh both as kids and as adults, while still wondering in the back of our heads if we should be taking him seriously.

Ane is learning this the hard way about her Gichan. One of the taboo words in our house is “stupid” – and if you say it, she will hear it, and immediately correct you. “Don’t say stupid!” she warns the offender sternly.

Gichan decided to have some fun with her. “But you just said ‘stupid’.”

“No, I told Auntie not to say ‘stupid’!”

“You just said it again!”

“No, Auntie said ‘stupid’!”

“You just said it again!”

“Oh. I’m sorry, Gichan.”

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the other men in my immediate family who are also fathers – the Webmaster’s father (card is in the mail, Papa!), the Captain (my brother and father to Belle and Berry), and Oddball (my brother-in-law and father to Little Cousin and Baby Cousin). Keep up the good work, guys.

And of course, a special “thank you” and “I love you” to the Webmaster… I couldn’t do it without you. Thanks for being the father of my children. They love you very much, too… if you couldn’t tell by the way they pounce on you when you get home from work each day.

Happy Father’s Day, Webmaster.

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