Allergies and accidents

Aunt Lynda, your first guess was correct.

Ane walked in through the back sliding glass door after a couple of hours playing outside, absolutely splotchy, and scratching at herself. “Mommy, my arm itches,” she whined.

I took a horrified double-take, and then had her in the bathtub so fast that she hardly knew what had happened.

Step 1 – bath. Wash off anything that might be causing hives.
Step 2 – meds. Benadryl (antihistamine, drowsy side effect a bonus), ibuprofen (for the swelling and pain associated with all the scratching), and Mucinex (for her ongoing nasal issues that are making her cough).
Step 3 – BED. She slept it off very well. I checked on her right before I went to bed and found that the hives had completely disappeared.

The next morning, though, I discovered that she had scratched herself raw in a couple of spots. The Webmaster commented, “Oh. Like mother, like daughter.”

I treated the raw spots with hydrogen peroxide, a little Neosporin, and Princess band-aids. I punished the Webmaster with a dirty look.

I confess to being a terrible scratcher – which is made all the worse by the fact that mosquitoes find me very tasty eating. Fortunately, we don’t seem to have a problem with them around our house, which is very nice (and I should probably thank the little froggies who sing me to sleep at night for it). My parents’ house (the house I grew up in)? Swampland just yards away. Otherwise known as a mosquito breeding ground.

Resiss also recalled a comment that Auntie made once (Auntie is a bad scratcher, too) – “I’m not scratching it! I’m rubbing it!”

So, yes, our battle with allergies continue. It did rain a little yesterday, which washed the air clean for a short while, but I have clogged sinuses and Ane keeps coughing. The Webmaster says he feels a little plugged, and Tad… is perfectly healthy, aside from the giant boogers I keep cleaning out of his nose. I’m looking forward to him being able to blow his own nose.

And then Ane, fully recovered from her hives, caught the edge of a bread board last evening at my parents’ house with her face. She may end up with a tiny shiner out of the deal – it’s just under her left eye.

Meanwhile, Tad stood on our coffee table during his speech therapy session yesterday, spead his arms wide, preparing to jump off, looked at me and Kay and proclaimed, “FLY!”

Considering he broke an arm trying to do that last summer, I was considerably unnerved (though Kay found it hilarious).

I just can’t win.

One Response to “Allergies and accidents”

  1. Juliet
    June 18th, 2008 04:59

    Well, I forgot to guess, but I figured the kids weren’t the ones handing out the drugs.