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Tad’s relationship with the bathroom

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

He likes to flush toilets. Not that he wants to sit on one and produce anything, mind you, but he loves to flush. He’ll even follow me into the bathroom and be my personal flusher. So, at least we know that he’s not afraid of the toilet. Now that he is in school, Tad is […]

A sign that we watch too much Wallace & Gromit

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Your three-year-old son (the one with the severe speech delay) sees you grating cheddar cheese for soft tacos. He then walks up to you, clenches his hands into fists and waves them upright from bent elbows, saying, “Cheese, ‘Omit!” The best part was, he did it again for the Webmaster when he got home from […]

A sign that we watch too much Food Network

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Your four-and-a-half year old daughter says to you, “Do you like my cake, Mommy?” (The “cake” is made out of couch cushions and blankets.) Then she stops, contemplates her creation, and says, “Now, I have to move it to the front table. I wonder if it’s too heavy.”

Tad’s First Week

Friday, September 19th, 2008

With the end of school yesterday, Tad has survived his first week of school. He’s gotten progressively better at drop-off time, but he just knows that we’re going to leave him, so the whimpering begins the second he gets out of the car. Still, he doesn’t have to be physically restrained. Much. Anymore. That being […]