Tad is so loving and giving, especially when it comes to his Mommy.

For example, he’s recently shared a cold with me.

It’s the gift that just keeps on giving.

This resulted in a phone call to my new OB’s nurse. I had to pick a new doctor, since the doctor who saw me through my pregnancies with Ane and Tad has stopped doing OB care and is just doing gynecology now. So I asked if the doctor who actually delivered Tad (my doctor was on his last days of his summer vacation when Tad was born) could take me on. I really liked her. Fortunately, she had room, and I’ll be seeing her next week.

Anyway, I needed to talk to the nurse to ask… What can I take to combat this cold??

Answer: almost everything. Since I’m past 8 weeks, there were a lot of options available. Now, I am using them as sparingly as possible, with a lot of plain saline spray up the nose because I can do as much of that as I want. But still, when I hit that evening wall of fatigue plus sinus headache, it’s good to know that I can take some Sudafed. And Tylenol. And then get a box of tissues and wait for my head to unplug.

And Tad… this is the kind of sharing that Mommy can live without. Okay?

One Response to “Sharing”

  1. Ressis
    October 1st, 2008 06:25

    When I was eight months pregnant with Baby Cousin, Oddball and I got very sick from Little Cousin. So be grateful that you can at least keep food in you!