Bad Mother

Things have not been going well around here.

Ane is still suffering from “quesadillas” and Tad went to the doctor yesterday for his three-year-old checkup. He’s fine, but you tell him that after two shots.

Dinner turned into a battle royal – which I was really hoping it wouldn’t become. I had made chicken stir fry over rice. Tad ate all the chicken and rice and left the vegetables. I had struck a deal with Ane that she just needed to eat the rice with some teriyaki sauce.

It took her NINETY MINUTES to eat ONE BOWL of rice. There were tears. There was wailing. There wasn’t anything else forthcoming and since she didn’t get to go to ballet yesterday (it is clearly spelled out that the teacher does NOT do potty breaks, and Ane was needing them every 20 minutes), it was made very clear to her that food is the only medicine for this ailment. She’s too young for Children’s Imodium. There were at least five potty breaks during those 90 minutes.

Then I made her take a soaking bath to soothe her bottom. Which set Tad off, because he wasn’t getting a bath. He wanted to get in the tub, too, but I didn’t want him sharing her bathwater.

After getting Ane in the tub and shooing a crying Tad off, I came back into the kitchen, where the Webmaster was putting away the leftovers. “I’m a bad mother,” I announced. (Actually, I used another word because the kids weren’t around, but this is a G-rated blog.) “I made one child eat rice and I won’t let the other one take a bath.”

The Webmaster laughed. At least HE got it.

2 Responses to “Bad Mother”

  1. Ressis
    September 30th, 2008 05:58

    I’m a bad mother too. I won’t let Little Cousin hit her sister and I won’t let Baby Cousin play with electrical outlets.

  2. Aimee
    October 1st, 2008 07:27

    I too am a bad mommy – I won’t let my kids stay up all night or play in the street.