A new word for a bodily function

Ane did not have an easy weekend. For some reason – and I’m tenatively blaming the apple cider I picked up at Yakima Fruit Market on Friday – her digestive system was just wrecked on Saturday.

Why blame the apple cider? Well, it was pasteurized, but it was an unfiltered cider. And contrary to what should be, apples have always loosened my kids, not firmed them up. When I asked their pediatrician about it, he said, “It’s the pectin. It does that to some kids.”

So Ane could not be more than ten feet away from a bathroom on Saturday. She had a bad time of it. Unfortunately, we were also trying to work on Tad’s potty training that day. After three misses by Tad, after time spent on the potty, we gave up in favor of the child who needed the toilet more.

Thankfully, by the evening, whatever it was seemed to have run its course. And yesterday morning, Ane triumphantly emerged from the bathroom and proclaimed, “Mommy, I went potty and it was just pee! No more quesadillas!”

When I repeated this word substitution to Ressis, she said, “Great. I’m not hungry anymore.”

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