Snow Pictures

By request (hi, Aunt Lynda!), here are some pictures from yesterday. The Webmaster worked from home (as he will most likely do today as well), but he took a short break to come play outside with the kids while I snapped some pictures. It was too cold – didn’t break 30 degrees – to play outside for long, but we broke out the sled and had a little fun.

The Webmaster gave Ane a ride on the sled around our cul-de-sac. We bought the sled at Costco a few months ago, knowing that we were going to want it someday. Someday came.

Then Ane tried to give the Webmaster a ride. It didn’t work quite as well as she’d thought it would.

Tad refused to get on the sled. He was much happier just stomping through the snow, until he got too much snow on his mittens and took them off. He came in pretty quickly after that.

It was snowing while we were playing outside – little bitty flakes. They got bigger after we came in.

And poor Ane – no school today. Her teacher emailed us yesterday and said to tell the kids to not worry – they will finish their Christmas projects when they come back to school in January. Ane’s teacher attends our church, so I’m hoping that Ane will see her on Sunday and can at least say hi. That kid is missing school something fierce. And so am I.

2 Responses to “Snow Pictures”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    December 19th, 2008 15:22

    Thanks for the pictures! The kids would enjoy diving into our drifts. I measured 19″ this morning and more in the forecast.
    Glad Web can work from home. Sounds like your roads are a mess. We just have 4x4s out, and a while ago a couple of snomobiles went by.

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